Give Life A Chance 

Turn your hardships into victories

Bill Marchant - The actor who turned his life around. A turn of events made him homeless and destitute. Bill shares his amazing story about giving life a chance and a life lesson on resilience.



Produced & Directed by Bhavika Mant


Produced, Edited and Cinematography by Mike Wollin

"Of course" - I belong everywhere you do

A short film made to unmask racial micro aggressions and bring awareness to the everyday assumptions directed towards people of colour.

Casual racism and stereotyping, via ignorant commentary or jokes, is not acceptable.


It may seem harmless but it is limiting to those who have to navigate racism everyday. 

We are not a joke, a schtick or a punchline. We are HUMAN.

"Of course"- Behind the Scenes

Thank you to everyone who took part in this project.

This project was made remotely, the cast took directions over zoom and sent their takes from different parts of the world - Brazil, Canada and India!

Music by Rohit Chandak

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