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Choose life, everyday

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's really easy to forget that we live on a magical planet that is nothing less than the wonderland of the universe itself. We 're surrounded by a thousand separate animals, continents, cultures etc. This planet is made so well, every single detail is beautifully captured. If you watch carefully you're going to see the picture.

Look at a leaf, for example. See the little nodules thereon, see how beautifully designed it is. Feel it's texture. Everything on this planet is here for a reason, water, trees, rocks, mountains, human beings, insects, birds, etc. The reason is to welcome you and communicate with you.

So why is that, people get stuck in a rat race and completely forget every single little thing that makes us this wonderful living creature. What would be the last thing you would remember when you're on your death bed? How many businesses did you start? How many items did you sell? How many prizes did you win? How much money was in your bank account? How famous you were?

NO, none of this counts. The aspects that will stick with you will be how many others you supported, how compassionate you were, how many places you explored and how affectionate and caring you were. Everything else would be irrelevant.

Your work is just a hobby to get you to explore this wonderland and to take you places.  Your job is a way to bind you to other worldly objects and individuals in this world. It's not something you should let take over your life. That is not why you're here, to live a stressful life consumed by your work. No, you're here to live and thrive in this wonderland.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” - Mark Twain

This is the truest thing. If you’re in your twenties reading this, you already know and wish you did more as a teenager. If you’re in your thirties, you wish you took life a little less seriously in your twenties. If you’re in your forties, you wish you didn’t beat yourself up about your work and just enjoyed the small things everyday. If you’re in your fifties, you wish you spent some more time taking care of yourself instead of worrying about every situation.

Don't let the moment slip by, no matter how old you are, choose LIFE. It's never to late to turn things around. Notice the little things, everyday, be grateful for them. They were made exclusively for you with great love. Choose to practise gratitude to the greatest degree possible.

This too, shall, pass.

In a few days, weeks, months, years, the problem won't even matter. Time heals everything. Be wise with your life. Cheer it. Embrace it. Be kind to others and yourself. Share love and leave a place better than you found it.

Be a shining light, no matter where you are. Take one day at a time, and give life a chance.

By Bhavika Mant, Actor, Film Producer, Writer

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