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Time's Secret

I found a way to slow down Time

You hit it with a blunt

And tie its thieving arms back

Before it can wake up

But then life's cracks, they open up

When time's not there to keep them shut

You've nothing but your wandering wits

To save you from the nondescript

creatures that come out

And rear their scary heads

Some beautiful, some ugly, some that make you wish you're dead.

Then you look up and see that old man time has left his bounds

The night is over as the sun's starts on her daily rounds

The creatures back in hiding 

Time passing much too fast

The things that solve such problems

Can rarely ever last

If they did I'd have to start a zoo of creatures that I've found

Where I can lock them up before they drag me underground

Where Time stands really, truly still

I've got no sun, no stars

To tell me of its passing

Or send me its regards

By Amira Anderson, Actor, Writer

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